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I grew up in the Midlands with my parents and younger brother. I always wanted to be a writer and pestered for my first typewriter when I was ten. It wasn’t a clear-cut path to my dream career and it took several decades longer to get there than I’d anticipated...
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BEFORE YOU DIE Blog Tour Starts Today!

21st April 2014

Today sees the first stop of my BEFORE YOU DIE blog tour to celebrate publication week. First up is my interview and Q&A over at the fabulous She Loves To Read blog. Do stop by and have a look – you’ll find out about my new book, as well as some trivia about me too, and there’s also a review of my novel to whet your appetite! Big thanks to all the bloggers for having me this week! Here’s a full run-down of this week’s programme, including a competition and giveaways…

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The End of a Book and the End of the Year

23rd December 2013

It’s true! I have finished my new novel and it’s called…drum roll… Before You Die. But before that, there’s more excitement as the paperback of my current novel Until You’re Mine is about to be released in the UK on 2nd January (see details below where you can buy), and it will also be out in the USA in hardback on April 15th. Busy times ahead, and, if you’re celebrating in London over New Year, be sure to look out for my amazing Until You’re Mine tube posters – I’ve been told there will be many!

So, I have finally completed the next novel in the DI Lorraine Fisher series. Before You Die is officially polished, buffed, and squeaky clean and ready to hit the printing press before very long. The seed of this idea came as I was on holiday last year, and it gradually grew and matured until it was ready to be written at the start of this year. Eight months saw the first draft finished, with DI Lorraine Fisher’s new adventures taking her to rural Warwickshire this time – an area very close to my heart. The autumn was spent working with my editor, refining and reshaping the script, with everything from a new point of view being added in, to an extremely tense chapter being written to ramp up the tension for one of my poor characters! Once we’d tightened and edited to within an inch of our lives, making the whole novel ‘unputdownable’ (we like to think!) it was time for the copy editor to step in and put his mark on the book. Copy editors see things us mere-mortal authors don’t, spotting everything from inconsistencies and continuity, to suggesting further polishes and edits until the whole script gleams and is ready for typesetting.

Meantime, of course, designers will be working their magic and coming up with ideas for an eye-catching cover to please everyone from me to sales and marketing to booksellers – but most importantly, to please you, the reader, and catch your eye when you’re out browsing for books! The end result? Well, that will be out in hardback and on Kindle on April 24th 2014 and I’ll be sure to shout out about the cover and where to buy nearer the time.

And for now, remember to look out for the lovely green-glowing paperback of Until You’re Mine – available in Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waterstones, WH Smith and lots of independent bookshops. Don’t forget to support your local booksellers!

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